Glossary: business loans

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It might feel a bit overwhelming to start looking for a loan to your business. But we will help you. Applying is free and non-binding so you can always feel safe. Get an offer and think about it. We are here to help you. And to help you even more we created this dictionary for you. Enjoy!

Glossary business loans

Payment procedure

The person who has a claim that is not paid has the right to go to Kronofogden and request handrail, that is, the Kronofogden will claim a claim. This is done by applying for a payment order. To be a valid requirement, it must

  1. Be a requirement for money (ie not a loan from eg a lawnmower)
  2. Be conciliatory (ie you could agree)
  3. Be due (You can not go to Kronofog before expiration date)


The person who has lent money / has a claim is creditor. Other words for creditor are creditors, lenders and creditors.


The debtor is the one who has borrowed money / owed money. Other words for debtors are borrowers and debtors. It is easy to confuse a creditor with a guarantor, who is the one who goes in the guarantor of another person on loan.

Credit Note

Like a payment note, listing with a credit reporting company providing information about a person or company is considered unreliable as a payer.

Interest rate

Interest for corporate loans is the cost of lending money and the lender's return on lending. There is fixed and variable interest rate, just like for other loans. We at Qred have no interest. We have a fixed monthly fee.


Amortization, debt repayment. Amortization normally applies to parts of a debt, but may also cover the entire amount of debt. Amortization can be done in different ways - according to an amortization plan.